Las Vegas Used Cars

Buying a used car is far cheaper and often a better option than picking up a brand-new one.  A new car smells nice and has little-to-no mileage, but a used car costs thousands of dollars less.  And it is not likely to need shop work as often.

As engines have advanced, the need for engine repair has declined, which means the engine repair shops get less and less business.  This has resulted in little “dis-improvements’ in car design, in which the brake lights go out quicker, radio knobs stop working, etc., giving repair shops ‘compensation’ for the lack of engines to be repaired.  In summary:  engine life increased, repair business decreased, so manufacturers then decreased the life of other components in order to increase business for repair shops.

Buying a used car, however, reduces the risk of having these repair issues, because the previous owner probably got them fixed.  So you’re buying a car for a fraction of the original price, and even though it doesn’t smell like a new car, it is less likely to have issues further down the road.

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